Circus of Almaty

Almaty Circus  a favorite place of children and their parents of the Southern Capital. The premiere of the Kazakh State Circus was in 1970 in the circus arena of Saratov, but after only 2 years in 1972 in Almaty city was built its own building, we can see today. In the shape of a huge Kazakh yurt, it can accommodate 2160 spectators. At the circus in Almaty worked many talented artists and were delivered many interesting circus programs, which later became known far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan. The famous national circus program "Medeo", shown at the opening of the circus in 1972, lasted for many years and was very loved by the audience. In it it was involved acrobats, tightrope walkers, horsemen, gymnasts, ballet group. For registration meet the best artists and vendors, and music was entrusted to three Kazakh and one Belarusian composers. Over the years, circus of Almaty showed a lot of unique programs own and of touring circuses  thousands of children forced to smile and housands of parents were admired the skill of artists .