Accomodation Price
1 bed in 4-bedded room $10
1 bed in 5-bedded room $10
1 bed in 6-bedded room $10
1 bed in 2-bedded room $15
Family room $20


You got interested with our pricelist, so you probably like our hostel and wouldn’t mind staying here. And if you would like to take a nice room in a hostel (Almaty) the price of “Amigo” is literally the lowest in town. Usually hostels with the same accommodations and design ask for much more money than we do. Still, we’re assured that any good person shouldn’t stay without comfort and care even if he or she as a really tight budget limit. Do you agree?


“Amigo” hostel in Almaty (price)

We see our hostel as a family nest: a common kitchen, shower and resting zones. So we got used to take every guest as a member of a big “Amigo” family. As you know, rooms in any hostel cost money it’s worth. The cheapest rooms you may book consist for, five and six beds. A so called “family” room has one big bed for two, a small wardrobe and a mirror – this one is more expensive. And the most comfortable is a VIP room. It has a large bed, a big wardrobe and an individual shower. You can pick any of those, and we’re up to help you with your choice.

Common bedrooms are good for you, if you’re a person, who wants to book a cheep room in the “Amigo” hostel in Almaty for the lowest price and meet new people from different corners of the world. It is also one of the best ways to learn new languages and cultures absolutely for free. In those rooms you basically live in the middle of the world. And we think, that it’s fantastic!

In principle you can do all the same living in a VIP room or the family one. The thing is, you can spend a night in your own free space, do everything you’ve planed in during the daytime and in the evening you can gather in the resting zone with your neighbors and enjoy a good old cup of tea. All of that you get from “Amigo” hostel in Almaty for a price that will make you laugh – that’s how cheep it is!

So now you know: living in a hostel is fun! Every single guest becomes our amigo once and for all. So join us in the most comfy hostel of Almaty-price does matter!