Each student applicant, travel and tourist will find we have everything you need for a comfortable stay, quiet rest and productive work. Friendly atmosphere, friendly and caring staff, neat and homey warm room design, the ability to shoot Hostel Almaty month - it is only a small part of what we are going to make you happy.

Of course, "Amigo" - is not the only hostel in Almaty, but truly unique. After creating this small hotel, we took into account all the wishes of the discerning guest, the first and most important of them - a peaceful sleep. "Amigo" is located in a quiet part of the center, where you will be beyond the reach of the city's traffic. In addition, alcohol as well as smoking is prohibited in the territory of the hostel, so loud you could not disturb the neighbors. A new orthopedic mattresses and beds will make sure you get enough sleep for the day ahead.

Despite our reasonable prices, we are not like other cheap hostels in Almaty. "Amigo" - a new, separate and carefully guarded building, the parking lot you get to the check-in desk - it works around the clock. Once you get the keys, you see off in a stylish and very comfortable room that meets your needs. With him something and begin your pleasant acquaintance with our wonderful city.


In "Amigo" is absolutely all conditions to remain for a long time. Firstly, it is the rare case when a hostel in Almaty paid monthly. Secondly, there is a convenient laundry room; in public rest rooms have Wi-Fi; you can gather colleagues for talks in-furnished conference hall; and coworking areas you did not even notice that you are working remotely. Fans of home cooking homemade waiting for a modern kitchen, and those who are used to always keep your body in shape will love the gym.

And let's say that the other hostels in Almaty - more and pompous! We set a goal to wrap our guests with warmth and care. Welcome!

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Almaty Amigo Hostel

"It's comfortable, a good district, a high level service."


16 verified reviews

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Why choose us:
  • Attentive
    hotel staff

  • Daily

  • Comfortable

  • Free

  • Bicycle

Our facilities
  • high-speed WI-FI
  • mini market
  • safe
  • studio instant tan
  • organization of tourist trips: Big Almaty Lake, the Charyn Canyon, Kaindy Lake, Kolsay Lake
  • mini coffee shop
  • parking
  • laundry
  • iron

Valuable accomodation with good price and friendly staff.

Leos, Czech Republic

- They said we needed our own toilet paper for shared toilet

+ AC in room, super friendly owners that went out of the way to help, spacious room, spacious shared kitchen/dining facilities

Julia, Austria

It's a nice new hostel with a good value for money. Staff is friendly and ready to help. Good location, very clean in all areas of hostel: rooms, toilets and showers. Beds are new and comfortable. Free Wi-Fi and private parking

Evgeny, Izrael

- Cannot go out at night after 23.

+ Shower in VIP room. Safe.

Kirkidia, Finland